Georgia Goddard is a Graphic Designer from England, specialising in Illustration, website coding and design, and social media. Based in Suffolk, UK, Georgia has been honing her illustration and graphic design skills since she first developed an interest in traditional mediums over a decade ago. Since then, her passion for art has only grown, progressing into a preference for digital mediums. She has mainly relied on self-teaching through art books and internet tutorials, as a foundation for building her technical abilities.

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Largely influenced by the fantastical, she would name her main influence as high fantasy media, such as Lord of the Rings and video games such as the Elder Scrolls series, and among her favourite artists are Alan Lee and Brian Froud.

She held her first exhibition in October of 2016, and has taken on many clients, most recently creating artwork for the local Suffolk Pride campaign of 2019, wherein she designed and produced illustrations for both posters and merchandise. Her graphic design work often contains themes regarding the LGBTQ+ community, which she finds great purpose in using her position of privilege to draw attention to the issues that fellow members of the community face.

When not creating art, Georgia can be found playing Dungeons & Dragons, playing videogames, or taking part in the local Roller Derby team.

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