inktober, but fluffier. painted in Procreate!

Cat #1: Squeaks

Squeaks was owned by a gentleman known only to me as ‘Phoenix’ on Discord. So named for his meow, Squeaks apparently had little use of his back legs and, tragically, ran away. Gods bless you, Squeaks, wherever you are.

Cat #2: Akuma

Who could resist those adorable eyes? This mysterious fashionista belongs to a young man known only to me as ‘tolovedamian’, and unfortunately little else is known about Akuma. How did he get his hat on? Who gave him permission to be so cute? Does he have a license for that nose? Perhaps we’ll never know.

Cat #3: Gribouille

The sleepy expression on this handsome feline is apparently a feature, not a bug. Owned by someone known under the alias ‘Eylime’, the name of snoozy Gribouille (nicknamed ‘boubouille’) translates to ‘Doodle’ in French. Très mignon!

Cat #4: Mama

Mama, described by her owner ‘Midmu’ as “a scrunkle lil baby”, is a mature lady, adopted as an adult. We love to hear it – older cats deserve love, too! Big, big smooches to Mama, may she live long and prosper.

Cat #5: Alfie

Gorgeous Alfie is owned by my mother. In recent years, mum has developed into more of a dog person, and as such Alfie may well represent the last stand of her cat-owning-streak. Tragic, to be sure, but looking at that handsome face whisks away all concerns and sorrow.

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