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Hello! Thanks for the opportunity to work with you – please read on for highlights of my experience and skills.


I love working for causes I care about.

2019 saw the return of Pride celebrations to Ipswich in Suffolk, and I was offered the absolute privilege of assisting with graphics & merchandising for this important event.

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Although the site is no longer public, I created many assets for this event, some of which can be found below…

Set of ‘Create Your Own’ Mothers Day cards, to be printed off and coloured-in. I made sure to include versions for children with non-traditional families.

‘Where’s Woolly?’ – in the style of popular series ‘Where’s Wally?’. Not only is Woolly missing, but there are a number of his animal friends to be found, too. Area depicted is an area that can be found at SNC’s Rural Campus.

Set of images for social media – square images for feed, and banner image for event page.

Career pathways

As part of my in-house work for Suffolk New College, I was given the brief to update the College’s ‘Career Pathway’ infographics, with a ‘London Tube’ motif. The resulting graphics received wide praise and were shared throughout the education industry.

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During my employment at Suffolk New College, I undertook a two-day course to augment my own learning in Adobe AfterEffects, and went on to create Motion Graphic projects for social media. Below are a few examples…

Animation created for Mental Health Awareness Week. Music created by Craig Shimmon, used with permission.

Animation created for promotion of Suffolk Rural’s Big Day Out event.
Animation created for promotion of Suffolk Rural’s Big Day Out event.


An in-house Graphic Design role with tight targets and brisk briefs – this is a challenging but fun test of my time management skills.

The full lowdown can be found here, but below is a quick slideshow of highlights from my favourite genre to create for – pet music. Each album cover is created in an average of under 10 minutes.

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If you’re here for more than a quick browse, please do leave this personalised landing page and head to my full portfolio site. Thanks again for the opportunity, and I look forward to hearing from you!

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