• Title: Media & Marketing Manager
  • Voluntary Committee Position
  • Duration: 1 Year

While my work for Suffolk Roller Derby doesn’t represent my best work, I include it in my portfolio as it represents the opportunity that kickstarted my foray into Graphic Design. At this time, I didn’t have access to programs such as InDesign and Illustrator – I built pages in an ancient version of Photoshop, then arranged them into spreads in Microsoft PowerPoint… I’m nothing if not resourceful!

Scroll down memory lane with me, if you will…


A gallery of materials produced for SRD while in the Media & Marketing Manager role.

2017: SRD vs LRT, SRD vs RDL
2017: SRD vs SD
SRD Presents: Show Me What You Block (A Rick-and-Morty-inspired event)


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