Project highlight: Twitch branding and emotes

A fun freelance project

Since stumbling upon streaming site Twitch over lockdown #1, I’ve discovered a niche to snuggle myself down in and really stretch my illustration and graphic design skills. Working to briefs set by content creators, I create everything from banners to branding packages, adhering to site-specific resolutions and sizes on jobs that are sometimes challenging but always charming.


‘Emotes’ on Twitch are minuscule images for a streamer’s viewers to use to augment discussion, and sometimes heckle their host, while the streamer is live. Think emojis, but much more custom and expressive (and often, made in the context of inside jokes that outsiders of the community may be unfamiliar with/befuddled by). Thanks to the level of customisation available to streamers, there is a thriving community of artists making bank on creating funny little faces for viewers to pull via chatbox. Required sizes for optimal display are 112, 56, and 28px.

Below, you can find a range of emotes I’ve created for a variety of clients, many of whom I can count on for repeated custom as they unlock more ‘slots’ for new emotes…


To a Twitch streamer, their channel page is almost as important as their streams themselves when it comes to attracting new and active followers. Logos, banners, and panels can all be customised to create a unique and personalised brand that immediately demonstrates what that streamer is about.
Below are some packages I’ve provided (often along with emotes) for clients.


Oshieman is a UK-based variety streamer, specialising in Pokemon content.

He is half-blind, and likes to have this reflected in emotes/artwork depicting his likeness. (He also happens to be my fiance, which makes creating content in collaboration with him extremely easy!). Due to issues with a previous artist, Oshie needed a complete rebrand to replace all work by said artist. As he already had an established and successful brand, it was an interesting challenge to stay true to his current brand while breathing new life into it.

Old art > New rebrand


NightB34r (formerly known as TSPurpleSin; ImBearPurple) is a LGBTQ+ streamer from the UK.

Specialising in horror games, Bear wanted to incorporate his identity within the LGBTQ community with the horror themes of the games he played. The required package included logo artwork, a channel banner, and a set of 4 emotes to portray laughter, love, a greeting, and ‘hype’/excitement. Bear was a client with a very particular idea in mind of how he wanted his branding to look, and I enjoyed the challenge of bringing the ideas from his mind into reality.


‘MorkyMork’ is a caster for the game Rocket League (think football but the players are cars).

Morky provided me with an illustration created by a previous artist, and wanted ‘panels’ for content on his channel page, and a ‘hydrate’ emote with his likeness drinking beer. Using the ‘tournament’ motif, and using a colour scheme similar to that used in the game’s UI, I collaborated with him to create these eye-catching panels and graphics that he loved.


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