Work Experience: Ameritz Music

Covers (45 /day)

This role tests my time management skills and pushes me to learn to work better, faster (harder, stronger). With a target of 45 album covers a day, which averages to about one cover every <10 minutes, my skills in Photoshop and Illustrator are put to the test as I develop new styles of designing and experiment with every new brief.

The 45-cover target is one I haven’t missed since my second day on the job; in fact, I often create a few covers over target, without skipping on quality with each design. The briefs provided are extremely simple: Album Name, Album Artist, some track samples. The below slideshow contains 46 covers – a typical day’s work, and each one created in an average of under 10 minutes.

Later in my employment with the company, we received new briefs to create logos for artists – see the logo section for more information.

You can find a playlist of a variety of the covers I’ve created on Spotify here:

Covers (5 /day)

Our daily target was subject to change with little notice – at one point, our target was only 5 a day. This allowed much more time to be more experimental/technical with the covers, and I found this very refreshing! See below for some examples of the covers I made during this target period.


As mentioned before, the later part of my employment with Ameritz brought a new set of briefs: creating logos for artists signed with Ameritz labels. The brief required black logos on white backgrounds, with a focus on typography, with a target of 10 per day (which was easily exceeded!). Below are some examples of my logos during my time in the role…

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