Speedpaints, simple background

A speedpaint is where details are mapped-out, but remain somewhat rough and not fully rendered, a cross-hatched custom brush is used to add interesting texture to less refined areas. Areas of non-importance are left rough.

For further stylisation, please feel free to refer to a particular piece from my Gallery, to provide a reference on the technique I will be required to use.

Speedpaints start at £30 for a portrait, £45 for a half-body, then up to £70 for a full-body, depending on complexity. Add £10 for: each extra character, complex backgrounds, intricate details such as tattoos (think tribal patterns, Dalish vallaslin, detailed tattoos/markings), fur, extra stylisation.

Published by dragriyu

I'm a freelance artist and designer with a passion for all things fantasy, such as Tolkien, fantasy RPGs, and, of course, artwork. http://www.georgiagoddard.wordpress.com

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