Halfling Druid illustration, Photoshop CS5, 2018.
Portrait of a Halfling Dungeons and Dragons character.


Portrait of Elvira, Acrylics, A2.

Warhammer Portrait

Portrait of the client as a character within the Warhammer 40k universe, acrylics on canvas, A2.


Sport illustration based on the likeness of Loren Mutch (Mutch Mayhem). Photoshop CS5, 2018.
Shimmery faerie portrait, digitally painted in Photoshop CS5.

Shimmer Fae

Fire Fae

Digital painting of a dragonfly faerie. Photoshop CS5, 2016.
Wood Elf illustration, Photoshop CS5, 2018.
Character design for an original orc character, based on Tolkien’s orcs and the Lord of the Rings movies. Photoshop CS5, 2018.
Queen Ayrenn from Elder Scrolls Online, fashioned on her VA, Kate Beckinsale
Summer of Pride, 2019

Fanart of Beau from Critical Role.
Find Familiar – illustration of a scene from a D&D campaign, Procreate, 2019.
Venkas’ Death Scene – Dungeons and Dragons Illustration
Raknida the Orc – World of Warcraft illustration

Published by dragriyu

I'm a freelance artist and designer with a passion for all things fantasy, such as Tolkien, fantasy RPGs, and, of course, artwork.

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