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I am currently seeking a full-time contracted role in Graphic Design, Illustration, and/or Marketing, based in Liverpool, Merseyside, or a remote-based role. Please download my CV below:

The Growth Company course, 2023

A digital watercolour painting of the family from the Disney movie 'The Aristocats', painted in a style reminiscent of Beatrix Potter. Featured are characters Duchess, Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz, in front of the bridge where they meet Thomas O'Malley the Alley Cat. Characters are dressed in a style popular in 1910s fashion in Europe.

Self-Led Project, 2023

Private Client, 2023

Cover Image depicts an orc character inspired by the style of World of Warcraft Troll characters. She has a pink mohawk with a long braid, long tusks, and golden spiky armour.

Personal & Commission Work, Ongoing—

Ameritz Music Ltd, 2022 —

Cover Image depicts a variety of twitch emotes created under the alias 'PixieGuts', mostly pokemon emotes but also included are digimon emotes and some imp character emotes. Some featured pokemon emotes are Magmar Madge, Seviper Pog, Torchic lurk, Darkrai Dabbing, Dragonite and Dratini hugging, and many more.

Twitch, 2022 —

Cover image depicts a digital portrait of a cat called 'Gribouille', painted during an art challenge called Catober, similar to Inktober. The painting is rough and brushstrokes are visible. The cat's expression is sleepy, and he is wrapped in a blanket.

Inktober, 2022 —

Suffolk Pride, 2019 —

Suffolk New College, 2019 —

Cover Image depicts an infographic of career pathways for College students, featuring Art & Design courses at Suffolk New College. The design is reminiscent of a London Underground Tube Map, and two characters are standing beside the sign, a photographer and a fashion designer.

Suffolk New College, 2018 —

Cover Image depicts a large poster for a local Roller Derby Event. hosted by Suffolk Roller Derby, titled 'Tubesock's Funhouse'. Image features 'Tubesock' edited with clown makeup, and a ringleader character with a pink mohawk. Listed below are the roller derby skaters taking part in the event, with examples such as 'Charlie Scraplin', 'Indi-Hannah Jones', and 'Pixie Guts'. Also featured are two characters drawn in a classical tattoo style, a bearded lady and a circus strongman.

Suffolk Roller Derby, 2016 —

Cover Image is an animated Torchic, a Pokemon, and a representation of Torchic's attack animation in Niantic's Pokemon Go app.

Procreate & Adobe AE

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