Process Video: Halfling Portrait

Halfling portrait

This painting was created in Procreate on the iPad Pro, and took 4.5 hours. This example was an experiment in a new technique for digital painting, which I am going to be exploring over the course of the next few weeks. Watch this space!


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Rendered paintings

Rendered Paintings

“Rendered paintings” are paintings with a focus on a smooth, semi-realistic finish. Multiple textures and custom brushes are applied to add dynamic effect, and details are worked-into for maximum definition.

A further stylised style is also available, as in the piece below:

Images can be further stylised by adding outlines. This style works well when seeking a “game art” aesthetic.

Rendered paintings start at £50 for 4 hours (which is the usual amount of time taken for a headshot with a somewhat simple background), and £8 is then added per extra hour. (E.g. busts add an extra hour, etc) Expect higher end prices for: complex backgrounds, full-body images, intricate details such as tattoos and markings, and fur.