The 33 Laws of Typography

Content reviewed and updated 1 March 2023. Recently, I came across this series of blog posts about the 33 Laws of Typography, written by Alex Devero, while I was looking for this video by Jill Butler, on the same topic, over on LinkedIn’s Learning feature. So, cross-referencing the two, I’ve popped them into my ownContinue reading “The 33 Laws of Typography”


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Sketches and linework [NSFW IMAGES]

Sketches and linework are the cheapest and most simple commissions I offer. Sketches can be in either pencil, biro pen, or a digital sketch – and full linework can be either digital or traditional in pigment pen or ink. (Please bear in mind digital work will always give a smoother result.) All traditionally-created pieces are scanned and touched-up in Photoshop.