Sketches and linework [NSFW IMAGES]

Sketches and Linework

Sketches and linework are my most basic commissions. Sketches can be in either pencil, biro pen, or a digital sketch – and full linework can be either digital or traditional in pigment pen or ink. (Please bear in mind digital work will always give a smoother result.) All traditionally-created pieces are scanned and touched-up in Photoshop.

Sketches range from £5 for a quick portrait sketch with minimal shading, to £15 for full body, complex images. Lineart ranges between £5 and £20 depending on complexity and medium. Please be aware there will be extra charges for intricate details such as tattoos, extra characters, and complex details like mech or armour.

Coloured sketches are also available – these are pieces with sketchy linework, but with colour added to make the piece smoother and more polished. Adding colour has a fee of £15 on top of the prices set above. Examples can be found below: